Are you looking to improve your relationship?  I help couples from diverse backgrounds create happier and more loving relationships.  I can help you alleviate conflicts as well as find solutions to improve communication and intimacy.

Ways I may help you include:
  • Improve Communication
           Rebuild and improve your communication to be close again.
  • Resolve Conflicts
          Find ways to react and interact that help resolve conflicts.
  • Build Trust
          Regain trust by building mutual respect and understanding.
  • Develop Empathy
            Develop empathy to feel connected and understood.
  • Increase Intimacy
            Rebuild love, caring and emotional closeness.

In order to serve you well as a couple, I emphasize creating a safe environment to share your thoughts and feelings and encourage feedback to meet your individual needs.  I can help with issues including infidelity and substance abuse.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Feel encouraged to e-mail me at or call me at 415-995-2916 to set up
a session or to ask any questions about how I may best serve you.